First professional steps at Hofmann Chemie:
What can I expect?

Hofmann Chemie offers a professional training for future trainees as merchant in national and international trade.

The training contains the purchase and sale of raw materials until the completion, including the logistical planning and the contact to suppliers and customers on an international level. Fundamentally, we are offering insights of all working areas in our company. Dealing with commercial risks will be trained in practical applications.Responsibility, conflict-solving skills and also creativity are essential characteristics that you will develop further through teamwork and autonomous activities during your training.

Additionally, we are offering benefits for developing foreign languages (German, English, Spanish) and knowledge in Windows Office.

The duration of the training will be around 2.5 years to 3 years. After reaching the profession successfully, the acquisition in our company is desirable.

It is also possible to do an internship for up to six months to get a full impression of the profession and working in our office.

For a permanent employee we are searching for persons who can take responsibility and use their expertise targeted for our company and their personal development. Compared to other companies, in Hofmann Chemie you will be working in a familiar surrounding and have a close relationship to customers and suppliers, as well as to all working processes. A permanent employment is linked to business trips.

The work in Hofmann Chemie promises to be a professional and personal enrichment for you.